Saturday, January 28, 2012

Internet Safety

¡Hola, Estudiantes!
Welcome to a new school year! This year in Spanish we are going to be using the Internet in many interesting and exciting ways. I’m confident our explorations will improve your understanding and appreciation for the Spanish language and cultures. In order to use the internet to the best of its potential, however, we need to establish some basic online manners and safety.

1. Always keep in mind that the class work we do in and out of school needs to be school-appropriate, so keep it clean and civil. If you’re ever unsure, ask me and I can help you figure it out.

2. Never post details about you: your last name, your address, your age, your phone number, etc. People may seem friendly and interested online but it’s not safe to disclose this information about yourself. This website offers good advice on "smart surfing." Keep the conversations on topic and always be cautious. For more information on social web tips, check out this website.

3. Do not share your passwords and login names with anyone other than the teacher and your parents. You should be the only one posting information under your name and you should not be “helping” anyone by posting under their name.

4. If you ever come across something inappropriate in your searching, close out of it immediately. Let me know if inappropriate windows continually pop-up or if you mistakenly get stuck in a wrong browser.

5. If you ever feel uncomfortable or bullied by comments or discussions online, talk to me right away. This is serious. You should never feel this way when using classroom web tools and I need to know immediately so we can fix the situation and change the tool if necessary. These two websites offers great tips on recognizing cylberbullying and responding to cyberbullying.

I always aim to create a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all my students. I know that if we follow these guidelines carefully, internet use will only improve your learning experience. 

Also, remember that you need to bring the printed copy of these guidelines, along with guardian permission, signed by both of you to class by Friday. 

I look forward to a great year of learning and discovery! ¡Vamos!

Miss Parsons