Monday, April 9, 2012

Educational Voicethreads

VoiceThread Edit Directions by shareski
VoiceThread Edit Directions, a photo by shareski on Flickr.
I think the best class Voicethread was Descriptive Writing created by Alyssa Pantano. This is a great educational Voicethread because it uses the tool in an effective way, to have students collaborate and see examples from each other of how to make writing more descriptive. I enjoyed the variety of creative prompts and think they are well suited for a classroom.

I also think Emily Galus' Voicethread Espanol was a good educational tool. I like this one because it has students practicing pronunciation and spelling of vocabulary words. This would be a good tool to use on a consistent basis as a formative assessment. Students could do it at home or during study halls at the school and practice their Spanish additionally. It might be helpful to have the teacher pronounce all the words correctly first so the students can hear and practice the correct pronunciation.

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Maryanne said...

It's good to view what others have done since it may spark ideas for our own classes.