Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling 2011 welcome screen
Photo by digistorytellin on flickr

Stories bring people together, create bonds between people, and are the essence of our memories. Sharing stories digitally is a powerful tool for archiving and connecting with people across time and generations. Digital storytelling is neat because it combines the words (recordings or text) with images, sounds, and music. It is a multidimensional way to present and remember.

Digital storytelling is a great tool for education because it causes students to create narratives "typically with a strong emotional component" ("7 things you should know about...Digital Storytelling"). Students can use this tool to present in a myriad of genres; "digital stories let students express themselves not only with their own words but also in their own voices, fostering a sense of individuality and of “owning” their creations" ("7 things you should know about...Digital Storytelling").

I enjoyed this video example of digital storytelling and the examples for use in the classroom, including documenting historical moments, retelling personal histories, exposing uncommon stories, and using the materials of this age (YouTube, etc.) to enhance the story ("The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling"). This are all potential projects in the second language classroom. Digital storytelling would be an interesting way of documenting news headlines from throughout the school year, perhaps a culminating project of weekly current events. I can see using this as an introduction to my students (about myself), to review tenses (students retell a story from the past or create one about their futures), and to research culture. There are so many options.

I really love that this is a way for students to be creative, use the technology with which they're so familiar, and practice a practical skill: storytelling. This meaningful, authentic activity is one students will do for the rest of their lives in any language and a great skill to practice in the second language classroom.


Anonymous said...

If you could give attributions to photos used in your blog, that would be really nice thing to do.

Lydia Parsons said...

Good advice, I'm just learning how to do that actually, so now I will be able to.

Maryanne said...

I'm glad that you see the great potential of digital storytelling for language learners!