Saturday, March 3, 2012

Twitter Possibilities

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After reading some articles online, I have learned some very beneficial uses for Twitter. Before last week, when I joined Twitter, I was not aware of the possibilities that Twitter opened. In the article Twimpact: Twitter's impact on my week I realized some really neat ways a teacher can use Twitter to generate ideas and learn about conferences or development opportunities. I especially like the idea of following native Spanish users on Twitter and showing their tweets as examples of native Spanish use (for specific vocabulary words or phrases from the unit). The article How Twitter will revolutionize academic teaching and research made me aware of the academic use of twitter and how researchers are posting information immediately and are open to conversations about their research. 
Twitter can be beneficial in my classroom because it will enable me to connect with other teachers and native speakers of Spanish. My students will benefit from my conversations with other teachers on methods, activities, assessments, and procedures and my conversations with natives as I improve my language use and cultural understandings.